Chele Mckee is an award winning design practice, specializing in crafting innovative, game changing experiences and environments for retail, hospitality and residential clients.

   The studio was established with the vision of creating game changing environments, that evoke emotion on a journey through surprise, discovery and desire. Through collaboration with a team of multi disciplined  dynamic creatives we take  a holistic approach to each project.  We can support every stage of the design, construction and build out  process. Our vast experience in creative strategy brings your brand to life through integrated branding, graphics, merchandising and product development. 

  We have successfully completed projects on three continents and are committed to delivering a compelling  experience through the seamless fusion of design and function and have a proven track record for successfully completing projects of any scope, size and budget

Have  a passion to create WOWS , make great things happen and have as much fun as possible in the process. 

Contact us to find out how we can collaborate to bring your vision and project to life.



      cell      415 272 0477